My stalker Teddy Waffle Plays victim after making 20 full videos

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  1. This stalker has lost her dam mind 🤦🏾‍♀️ the obsession is not even funny anymore this women needs to be seeking mental health person she does nothing but talk day and night about Dani, Dani is in her every thought a person she really doesn’t know. Teddy waffle can lie on Dani say all kinds of lies but Dani bet not respond. Girl bye Teddy waffle you are stalker 🤦🏾‍♀️ Dani keep doing what you do Dani is the bomb and like Teddy can’t take the love and support Dani gets just jealousy. Teddy Bundy aka waffle seek help.🐻🧇

  2. Its like listening to a weird, lost lunatic. She lies about fake lawyers like marcella. Talking to teddy bears and Overbearing sense of entitlement like TK. 20000 videos like blue waffle. Threatening with FBI and racist like john yates. Manipulative and abusive too her subs like the basement avatar. Overflowing with rage and delusions of grandeur like nosey all wrapped up in a fucked up bow. I ‘m ashamed to have EVER been her sub. Its disgusting how she threatens subs, mods, and you Dani. I believe she is the kind of CC that will end up messing her own channel in the end.

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